19th November – Sunday

We wake at Matt and Amanda’s place after the kids have a nice sleep in a real bed. On our trip Zach in particular spent the majority of his nights on a thin camping mattress on the ground outside in a little tent. To his credit he never whinged, even in places where I thought he wouldn’t want to camp outside, he just did anyway. It certainly made living in a small caravan for four and a half months easier. Jessie had her own bedding dramas, with her bench seat that becomes her bed a little too short for her. So every night she needed to put a padded seat box at the end of the seat, in the doorway, so she could have a “normal” length bed (even though there was still a narrow bit of timber that sticks up at the end of the bench seat that could be annoying on your leg). We could set that whole bench seat and table area up as a double bed, but couldn’t be bothered setting it up and pulling it down every night and morning so we could use the table. We only did it once for her on her birthday in Alice Springs. Matt was making his Sunday morning ritual of pancakes, which were yum! After breakfast we received a visit from Rachael and Candice which was nice. The kids had another swim in the pool and we had a light lunch before deciding to leave and travel the last hour home to Noosa. It was a short and familiar trip, certainly much shorter than most of our previous trips. Arriving home was bitter sweet. Zach played “I’m Coming Home” by Skylar Grey through the Bluetooth on the car stereo as we turned into our driveway. Jessie got out to open the gate and we could see that we’d had a lot of rain because of the washouts in the driveway. The gardens were overgrown with weeds and the grass was long and the ground boggy. The last 2 weeks of heavy rain here hasn’t helped, but it’s home. We check the shed which thankfully has survived the deluges. It is strange entering our home which seems devoid of the warmth it has when you actually live there. Everyone loves having a hot shower (Maree a bath), drinking our beautiful tank water (from our full tanks), having a nice cold fridge that works, and having your own bedroom with your own big comfy bed! Home is nice, and the kids are excited about seeing their friends again, and Jessie is super excited to collect Dusty (our cat) back from our friends who babysat her whilst we were away. Maree and I have more than a tinge of sadness that our adventures are over….for now….

The car and van outside Matt’s place. Maree and I had our last sleep in the van here. Tonight we’ll be back in a real bed!


Back home! Now to unpack everything…