17th November – Friday

We got up at 6am this morning, which was a first on this trip for some people. We packed up and got away at about 6.30am, but getting out of town was made interesting with Google Maps having a spac-attack and sending me up random roads before ‘losing’ the GPS signal altogether. We had to pull over in a back street, shut down and restart my phone to get it all working again, AND as a backup had Maree’s phone’s GPS going too. It ended up taking us 1 hour to escape Sydney’s clutches before hitting the open highway. It was good to be on the open road instead of the tight, busy confines of the inner city roads, although the quality of the road surface on some parts of the highway left a lot to be desired. The highway crossings of the Hawkesbury River were spectacular as we headed north towards Port Macquarie. After a quick visit to some op-shops there, we stopped for lunch at Oxley Beach. After lunch Zach went down to the rock pools and declared they were the best he’d seen, so we all went down to have a look. They were nice, and both Zach and Jessie found a nice big shell each. Form here we headed off towards Kempsey, then Macksville and through Coffs Harbour, passing the Big Banana continuing to Corindi Beach on a new section of highway that hadn’t been updated to Google Maps. This resulted in me not being able to turn at a turnoff that no longer existed, so I continued on to the next turnoff, which thankfully wasn’t too far from our destination. After setting up we went for a nice walk on the beach that was scattered with lots of nice shiny rocks. It seems as we go further north shells on the beach are being replaced by rocks on the beach.

Lunch stop at Port Macquarie


Oxley Beach (at Port Macquarie)


Chillin by the van, enjoying the view



Heading for a walk down on Corindi Beach