15th November – Wednesday

Beautiful weather this morning. Maree is enjoying the last of her sleep-ins before we get home to reality soon. We pack up and head off, south towards Kangaroo Valley. We cross Australia’s “most significant” timber suspension bridge (whatever that means). It is cute though -no doubt. We drive through town before Jessie convinces us we should have stopped, so we turn around and go back. The town is a lot like Hahndorf in SA, which we thought was like Maleny or Montville in QLD. It’s quite small though so it doesn’t take too long to have a look through the few nice shops they have.¬† Jessie buys some Mango scented soap which smells great. Then we stop in for an early lunch at a bakery, Zach using the logic that since we always have lunch 2 hours late, why can’t we have lunch 2 hours early? I like his thinking. We leave town heading towards Nowra. This involved driving up and down another mountain range which was quite beautiful. From Nowra we headed to Kiama which greeted us with some beautiful little emerald green coastal beach bays. It is all starting to feel familiar being back on the east coast. We keep heading north, driving through Wollongong before deciding we would have a quick look at Bondi Beach. Maree was enjoying herself right up until we reached the airport that juts out into Botany Bay. From there the traffic just got all too much for her, and the claustrophobia of being in a busy city on narrow roads overcame her. We finally arrived at Bondi, but with a caravan parking was tricky. I finally jagged a spot and $2 in the parking ticket machine bought us a whopping 25 minutes to enjoy ourselves. Zach and Maree by this stage weren’t very interested, but Jessie and I went for a short walk on the famous beach and put our toes in the water (and in our opinion Noosa is WAY nicer). It was getting close to afternoon peak hour traffic and we had to get from Bondi, through the city and over the Harbour Bridge on our way to Macquarie Park. It was “interesting” trusting Google Maps, which I don’t love, giving me blas√© directions at the last second, making sudden lane changes with a caravan. Not fun. I freaked when we went through the inner-city tunnel as I had told the GPS I didn’t want to go through any tolls. As we went over the Harbour Bridge though we saw a massive Ocean Liner, a seaplane and a helicopter flying over, and just the very top of the Sydney Opera House. Unfortunately, Zach’s GoPro was dead, Jessie’s iPod had no memory, Maree didn’t know where her mobile phone was, and my phone was on the dash doing GPS duties, so Zach had to resort to shooting some photos on my DSLR. He was complaining that there wasn’t actually anything to photograph. Oh well, it was still fun driving over it, and travelling north-bound is free! The city never seems to end but eventually the traffic calmed a little, just as we arrived at our destination. I needed a Darwin Stubbie sized Bourbon and Coke by the time we got here (but didn’t have any). The caravan park we’re staying at is run by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. It’s the first of it’s type we’ve come across and it’s a nice park too. After being in stressful traffic for half the day we decided to go for a bushwalk down along the river at the van park (which is actually a National Park). It was quite nice and we saw heaps of water dragons (lizards) on the way.

Bondi Beach


We could have gone for a swim, but the 25 minutes here went awfully quick!

That’s the Bondi Icebergs (SLSC) clubhouse pool on the top right.