9th November – Thursday

The lake looked great this morning as the wind had virtually disappeared. The sun was shining and there were high whispy horse tail clouds in the sky. It was almost too nice to leave, but the prospect of going to Lakes Entrance today was too strong. Another lovely drive through country Victoria, which is beautiful country. On the way we drove through Bairnsdale which is a pretty big town. We stopped for fuel at the servo which turned out to be the busiest servo we’ve stopped at on this trip. It had as part of the servo, of all things, a Chemist Warehouse which Maree had to visit. By the time I’d fuelled up and paid for it Maree was still in there. Being so busy I couldn’t hang about at the pump so I left without her. I had to do a lap of the block, and thankfully by the time I came back around I was able to pick her up. Driving down into Lakes Entrance from the range Zach commented how much it looked like Noosa. We stopped in a park at North Arm and had some lunch, before walking to the Shell Museum! They had a shop with hundreds of different shells for sale, and we had a good look around. Zach and Jessie went into the actual Shell Museum and Aquarium which they enjoyed. They even had a black spotted shark there, which was the species of shark Zach caught from the Nightcliff Jetty in Darwin. Jessie ended up buying a $2 shell, but it’s just not the same as finding it yourself on a beach. We walked up to the Esplanade, finding a couple of op-shops. Then we walked back past all of the fishing boats back to the car. We then drove to East Beach which was quite nice. Not warm enough for a swim mind you, but it was nice sitting on the beach soaking up the sun for a while. We headed off looking for our next camp-site 90 minutes away. On the way the front awning on the caravan appeared to be coming loose. It has been gradually getting worse and worse on this trip, and after stopping to fix it, it appeared to get loose again almost immediately. I was worried what might happen if it fell off, so I decided to stop to either secure it or take it off. It was so loose I decided to take it off, only then discovering just how tight that small little bit that was hanging on was. Eventually I got it off, and it’s the first time since we’ve had the van that the awning has been off, exposing the 2 front windows to everything. It was better driving without worrying about the awning falling off though. We’d chewed up some travelling time, so when we arrived at a free stop at Cann River, a bit short of our intended stop, we decided this would do. In no time the kids found a beautiful bubbling brook that they explored. Another nice free stop!

Free stop just north of Sale. Didn’t look quite this good when the wind was blowing yesterday afternoon.


Looking out over this huge lake. There was some unreal cloud action all day.


Some of the fishing boats at Lakes Entrance


At East Beach – and some more cool cloud