7th November – Tuesday

It wasn’t too cold last night as it clouded over and looks drizzly this morning. We decide to drive into Melbourne rather than catch the train. It’s about 1 hours drive from Geelong but Google Maps makes a hash of which exit to take in the city, and I miss the turnoff, so take the next. We find the carpark we are looking for, but despite having removed the whale tail from the top of the car, anticipating a carpark, our Pajero is still way too high to get in. We drive on and end up finding some on-street parking for 4 hours, but later figure there’s probably no limit as today is a public holiday in Melbourne where it would revert to weekend parking which is free! It’s still a bit of a walk in, but we soon get to the Crown Casino. We go in and Jessie is very impressed how flash it is inside. I’m just glad it’s warm. We were going to go to the DFO but decide to walk up to the Victoria Markets first. After making it nearly four-fifths of the way it suddenly dawns on us that we should check to see if they’re open today. Being an ex-marketeer I surmise that they’ll definitely be open to cash in on the public holiday. Google inform me however that they are closed, much to everyone’s great annoyance. We decide to walk on to the Bourke Street Mall. On finally arriving, feet getting sore and tired, my intrepid band of travellers NEED A FEED or they will surely perish! The trouble is, no-one can decide what they want, and I don’t want any of Maree’s suggestions of where to go (for lunch), – I know where she wants me to go…. Over-priced yuppie pizza or Vietnamese soup fail to excite me the way it does my sweet wife. So we then decide to walk back towards the Crown Casino to get to the DFO, and have lunch there. Actually the Crown had a pretty good food-court which we’d passed through earlier in the day. Between the marathon I’d just made my family walk for no outcome, and to then walk past a known food-court to go to an unknown food-court (keeping in mind our earlier misfortunes), I fully expected to be hurled into the Yarra River like so many other yellow hire bikes. Zach was so over walking I think he seriously considered dragging one of those bikes out of the river so he could ride, but was fortunately put off by the brown colour of the Yarra. We finally get to the DFO and are underwealmed by the choices and atmosphere of their food-court. Maree gets some sushi and Zach and Jessie get some Subway. We then split up between boys and girls, agreeing to meet up in 1 and a half hours. Zach gets some new sandshoes, which he claims are the first new sandshoes he’s ever got. I told him if there were always 40% off sales where I could buy Adidas shoes for $37, I’d always buy him new shoes. In fact they were so cheap I decided to get myself a pair, but they didn’t have my size so I missed out on the fun. ‘Fun’ might be the wrong word. The atmosphere in the shop for that sale was like being surrounded by 200 frenetic zombies who needed to buy ‘stuff’, any ‘stuff’, if they perceived it to be a bargain (which it was) to slake their thirst. Instead of murmuring “b r a i n s”,  these zombies were murmuring “s a l e s”…

We caught up with Maree and Jessie who had succeeded in their own zombie like quest for sales. But they were happy. We were all spent, broke and tired, so we walked all the way back to the car and enjoyed the relative ease of the hour journey home to Geelong.

Southbank in Melbourne