6th November – Monday

Maree woke up all worried that Zach would be freezing in his tent, so she got up to check on him. When she went, she left the van door open, and you could feel the temperature dropping by the second as the warm air fell out of the caravan, being replaced with icy cold outside air. She came back announcing that Zach was warm, but now we were cold. Somehow we managed to fall asleep again. Once up and ready we went for a quick walk around the block before heading back down some beautiful country back roads to get to The Great Ocean Road. Once on it we found ourselves stopping at every little turn-in to look at a new piece of this stunning coast line. Zach and Jessie were struggling to understand why I had to stop at every single one. I got caught out turning into one before seeing a sign that said “no vans/buses”, but it was too late, we’d already turned in. Would have made more sense to have the sign on the main road BEFORE you turn in, but the sign was probably installed by the same crew that fixes the roads down here. We finally stopped in at the 12 Apostles. Last time Maree and I did The Great Ocean Road there was a sea fog which made seeing anything near impossible, so I was glad for today’s clear weather. At this point today Maree was overcome by the shear number of tourists, which really detracts from being able to enjoy nature’s beauty. We had some lunch and then continued east towards Apollo Bay and Lorne. Beautiful seaside town after beautiful seaside town. It really is such a stunning part of the country. One minute you’re driving along the coast, and then your driving through a tunnel of forest, driving over rolling green hills with grazing stock, and sometimes all three at once to really take your breath away. We were worrying about not getting in anywhere in Melbourne as the Melbourne Cup is on tomorrow. We decided to stop the at the Geelong showgrounds were we can have a cheap stay and maybe catch up with my nephew Liam, and his wife Jemma and their daughter Lucy. They came around and we caught up with a few beers (thanks Liam). Zach hadn’t met Lucy before, and both he and Jessie loved playing with her. Zach’s wearing PJ’s tonight in anticipation of another cold night.

A beautiful drive along a country back road from Panmure to get to The Great Ocean Road


Our first stop on The Great Ocean Road



London Bridge – where my friend John Burgess was involved in the helicopter rescue of two people left stranded out on the end when the middle collapsed into the sea in 1990.


The Twelve Apostles (even though there isn’t twelve any more). Still stunning despite the huge numbers of tourists.


On the hills looking down to the green valleys as we descend to Apollo Bay