3rd November – Friday

We left today heading for the camp-site at Granites where we would have liked to have got to last night, but was too far away. We stopped in at Meningie when we found a good 2nd hand store. Maree found a nice little tea service that she bought, which we now have to somehow get home without smashing it. We continued on and arrived at Granites just before 2pm. We had heard that there were good shells on the beach here. We all went down to the beach to start looking for shells, but it was too windy and cold for me so I went back to the van to cook some sausages for lunch. Zach was the first one back with some nice shells, then Maree and Jessie returned, their massive smiles gave away their new collection. After they all ate, Zach and Maree went to explore further the south end of the beach. Jessie and I stayed back to watch a DVD, and amazingly we nearly got all the way though before they got back with their shells. We had a 2 hour drive to get to Mount Gambier where we are staying at our friend Brian’s house (actually staying at Brian’s friend Sarah’s house – thanks Sarah). Maree and I met Brian on our first trip around Australia 16 years ago. We arrived and had a nice BBQ dinner before Brian and his friend Asher dragged me to a pub for a few drinks. There was a great band playing there called The Southern Undertows who were really good. Jessie got to sleep inside on a real bed, and Zach enjoyed a night of sleeping in our bed in the caravan (which was a first for him).

Jessie at Meningie riding the replica Ostrich that was ridden by a dwarf bushranger!

Maree has a go, under Jessie’s guidance


Jessie with Meg, Sarah’s Australian Shepherd