2nd November – Thursday

We left this lovely caravan park here in Adelaide today. It’s been our favourite park by far, and we wish we could stay longer, but time and money is running out. We have to be back home by the end of the month. I give the car a quick wash. It’s the first place we’ve been in a while where the water hasn’t been too precious to waste on such trivial things. We leave, heading for Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. It is a lovely little tourist town alot like Montville in QLD, with art galleries, sweet shops, fairy shops, German cuckoo clock shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Obvious from its name, it was a heavily German settled town and you see the recurring theme everywhere. What’s interesting is that the town’s war memorials are still full of young men with very Germanic names who signed up to possibly go off to fight their cousins. You can imagine the grief they would have gotten alone form their fellow Aussie soldiers. We stopped in at a sweet shop and the expert salesman there gave us a taste of some of their beautiful home made fudge. It was so good you just had to buy some. He knew this, which is why he made sure EVERY person that entered his store had to have a taste. Jessie also found a Fairy Garden shop that she loved. She can’t wait to get home to work on hers. She has been making some fairy garden furniture on this trip which is better than anything we saw in this shop – maybe she should start her own fairy shop. We had some lunch and then drove for about an hour through the beautiful Adelaide Hills to get to Victor Harbour. It was close to 4pm when we arrived, just in time for the kids to see the last horse drawn tram come back across the jetty from Granite Island that is a Little Penguin rookery. We walked across the jetty, which was cold with the conditions now overcast and windy. On the other side you could see the rookery and all the little nooks and crannies where they live, but there was nobody home. You have to be here 2 hours after sunset to catch any penguin activity. We walked up the stairs that take you up to the top of the cliff for good views of the wild southern ocean that was spectacularly crashing into the rocks below. We had to get going to get to a camp-site for the night which was still another hour and a half away at least. The drive there though was beautiful. More tree lined streets passing golden fields of wheat nearly ready for harvest, or fields of grazing sheep and cattle, the odd herd of alpacas here and there. Occasionally you’d pass an old stone building that had fought and lost the battle against time and the elements, and only a few walls and a chimney remain as a headstone to its former glory. They still look amazing though, especially with this afternoon sunlight on them. Towing a caravan I’m really annoyed that I can’t just stop whenever I want to take some photos. Next trip.

I loved the lichen growing on the canvas awning of this shop in Hahndorf.
Maree and Jessie with some random legs sticking out of the ground.???
Many on the stone walled shops in Hahndorf are covered in vines like this German Cuckoo Clock Shop.
The jetty from Victor Harbour to Granite Island
Jessie hugging the penguin statue – the closest you’ll get to seeing a penguin here in daylight hours.