1st November – Wednesday

Zach, Halloween was yesterday! Oh, sorry, that’s what you look like every day. I got both Zach and Jessie with a pinch and a punch this morning, just to prove I’m not a total ‘humbug’ (glad to say we had no annoying visitors last night). Today we went to the city of Adelaide. We drove in and parked out near the Botanical Gardens for the free parking and walked into town. It was a bit of a hike, so just as well we did some conditioning yesterday. We first visited the Adelaide Central Food Markets, which was OK, but we tend to like art and craft markets more. Seeing all of that food made Jessie hungry though, so we stopped at a cool Vietnamese Bakery and bought a treat each – very nice. We then visited the Museum which was really good, except Jessie couldn’t help but feel that all of the stuffed animals there had been ‘murdered’. Imagine her shock and disgust then when we moved next door to the Art Gallery where one of the first “pieces” was two horses that have had their heads removed before the bodies are then stitched together and then hung from a butcher’s hook in the middle of the room. I’d sooner advocate celebrating Halloween than using tax payers money to buy disgusting sh_t like that. Gross. This pretty much turned both Jessie and Zach off “Art” Galleries, so we left. The main reason we had to leave though was the big walk back to the car to get back before getting pinged by a Parking Officer when our time runs out. We succeeded and Maree decided we should celebrate with a visit to IKEA. Zach, Jessie and I decided we’d let her go if we could get some $1 hot dogs from their canteen. It was a win-win. Later when we got back to the van park Jessie went for a swim. She wanted me to come too, so I went over to have a look. Zach thought it’d be hilarious to push me in the pool, but I grabbed his arm and foot and included him in the hilarity by pulling him in with me. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be, but at the same time it wasn’t pleasant either, so I got out to have a hot shower instead. The kids stayed in the pool – numbnuts. 

Mmmmm smelly cheese (@ Adelaide Central Food Markets)