31st October -Tuesday

Zach not only remembered that today was Halloween, but he took the time to wake up early and put on his costume to scare us. I didn’t realise ‘sleepy hungry dishevelled annoying teenager’ was a horror character until we did this trip with Zach. Come to think of it, he’s been wearing the same costume this entire trip! Actually Zach’s unofficial uniform is a singlet he bought at the Mindil Beach markets in Darwin, and he’s barely taken it off since. I got up early to drop the car off to get the brakes done, and a wheel alignment to undo the damage done by travelling all of these corrugated roads over the past 4 months. As such, we didn’t have a car today, so we walked to Glenelg, which is a beautiful seaside town here in Adelaide. On the way we saw a cute Osprey get hit twice and presumably killed by a wind turbine at the beach. I couldn’t get to where it landed so I called the RSPCA, who palmed me off to a Seabird Rescue mob who only had an answering machine and didn’t return my message. In Glenelg at the marina we came across an old ship that was actually a $1 million replica of the HMS Buffalo, which was a Royal Navy supply ship in its time. Among other things it transported convicts to Australia and free settlers to South Australia. This replica contained 2 restaurants and a museum, but unfortunately it’s currently closed as its former owners are in arrears with their rent to Council. Pity. We also saw the “Red Rattler”; the old tram that used to run from Adelaide City to Glenelg. The old trams have been replaced by fancy new ones that somehow lack the character and charm of the old ones (but are probably faster and more comfortable). We had lunch and then perused the shops of Glenelg before walking the 5 kms back to the DFO, which is beside where I’d put the car in. It was a big day of walking and unfortunately we all got a little burnt, except for Jessie our resident ginger -how does that work? Anyway, as it’s Halloween and I’m Australian, and real Australian’s don’t celebrate American holidays (yes I know it’s a Celtic custom), I intend on locking myself in the caravan, turning the lights off and pretending I’m not here, so I don’t get harassed by little kids asking for “candy” – something else that isn’t Australian! Bah humbug!

HMS Buffalo (replica)
I loved the skyline of Norfolk Island pines, olde world street lights and sailing ship masts and rigging
The “Red Rattler” tram that used to run from Glenelg to Adelaide
The beautiful Glenelg foreshore looking towards the jetty on a perfect day