30th October – Monday

The wind dropped a fair bit from yesterday, but not completely gone yet. The flies have dwindled in number too, which is good. The breeze that remains though is cold. It was in the 30’s here yesterday and today is about half that. We leave this camp-site driving the 10kms out on the corrugated dirt road. On the way we see some kangaroos and then see some emus that jump two fences and cross the road to get away from us. We head south toward Adelaide, admiring the Flinders Ranges running along the side of us. All was going fine until the wind and rain caught up with us. One particular 5 minute period of driving in the wind and rain was the worst driving conditions of the trip so far, made worse by being in busy traffic with trucks that were buffeting us as they passed alongside as well as the other direction (and with noisy arguing kids in the back seat). The weather cleared as we headed south, and the highway opened up to a dual carriageway which made life considerably easier. We arrived at the caravan park in Adelaide and set up, before realising we’d set up on the wrong site. Normally you’d just let the office know and all would be cool, but as our power lead didn’t reach the power box in this site, it was easier to move to the proper allocated site where my lead did reach. From there I dropped Maree and Jessie off at the Harbour Town DFO, whilst Zach and I went across the road and booked the car in to Midas to get the brakes done tomorrow morning. We all enjoyed our nice hot showers after being feral for a few days.