28th October – Saturday

Woke up to a great view looking out of the caravan window to the water of Mt.Dutton Bay. After brekky we drove the short distance to Farm Beach. We had to unhitch the caravan so we could four wheel drive the last 4 kms to get to what has become known as “Gallipoli Beach” after the Peter Weir film “Gallipoli” was filmed there many years ago. It was a rough but interesting drive in which Zach particularly enjoyed. We arrived and got out to walk down to the beach but realised we were going the wrong way. This was confirmed by some recreational motorcyclists who told us that we had to go back out the other way to a path we remembered passing earlier. We went back and found the path which takes you down onto the beach itself. It’s an impressive looking place, and even though it is just a film location that looks similar to the actual Gallipoli landing beach, it still gives you some sense of how futile a landing below defended cliffs would have been. After a bit of an explore and some photos we left and headed for Port Lincoln. It rained a little on the way in and continues this day of good / day of bad weather we seem to be getting down here. After a quick look and a shop we headed north towards our next free camp-site. Zach grew impatient and wanted to stop sooner than the forecast three hours, so one hour in he grabbed my phone, opened Wikicamps and found a closer camp-site. It was so close in fact that when we decided we’d go there we had just missed the turnoff. I tool the next turnoff which brought us past some old WW2 concrete igloo bomb shelters that were apparently finished just in time for the end of the war. The larger of the shelters were then sold for £10 each, one of which is now a shed for some farm machinery. We found a good spot at the Point Gibbon campground, and as I was setting up Maree and the kids went for a walk on the beach to look at the sand dunes and to look for the resident fur seal that supposedly lives here. What they encountered as they reached the seal was a drunk guy on a motocross bike seemingly having fun, but ultimately freaking Maree and especially Jessie out. His two mates must have been embarrassed by his behaviour as they took off in the other direction. All of this was relayed to me so I’m not sure what to make of it. Anyway, I caught up to Maree and the kids who showed me the seal. He was a medium sized one, just laying in the sand and seaweed, enjoying the last of the sun’s rays. After dinner some new campers rocked up nearby. One of their cars has had a catastrophic gearbox failure and the best he can manage is to crunch it into reverse. Not sure if it’s our mates from earlier on, but I think they may have abandoned the car and continued on with their motorbikes. Hopefully we won’t hear too much from them again. We watch some of the beach scenes from “Gallipoli” on YouTube and instantly recognise the beach we were on today. Cool.

The view from our van window to Mt.Dutton Bay. This is a free stop – unbelievable!
The view looking down onto Gallipoli Beach SA
Gallipoli Beach