27th October – Friday

The wind has returned and it’s blowing like billy-o outside today. In fact it’s so windy we are going to scrap the second loop drive. Sand tobogganing would be more like getting sand-blasted! Surprisingly even the kids are cool with that. We pack up and head for Cape Labatt which is home to a fur seal colony. On the way the wind is so strong you can feel it buffeting the car and the van. We even have to pull over to fix one of the van’s awnings which has started to be blown open. That’s only the 2nd time that’s happened on the trip, the other was in WA from memory. Unfortunately the road to Cape Labatt consists of about 40 kms of dirt road, 17 of which is corrugated. We arrive eventually after taking it nice and easy. Maree has to settle her nerves with a cup of tea first. The kids and I push through the cold gale force wind praying that we will see some seals so that the drive wasn’t for naught. Thankfully there are some, most laying about in the sun looking like they are dead. We see a big one come ´┐╝up the beach out of the water. The best way to observe them is through the zoom lens on my camera, so we all take turns and snap off a few shots. The more you look the more you see, and we see a pup who is full of beans and is running around on the beach and swimming. It looks like it’s having fun. Maree has joined us by now and also enjoys the show. They even make the odd noise that you can just hear over the roar of the wind. You could probably enjoy the view for hours, but the cold win blows you away. We return to the sanctuary of the car and hit the corrugated dirt road again to leave. We have to stay on it a while longer to reach our next destination which is s place called “Murphy’s Hay Stacks” which are very old rock formations that sit on the crest of a hill. Exposed and shaped by erosion over time they make interesting shapes. The wind isn’t as full-on here as the coast, but the down side of that is that there are hundreds of flies here which is annoying. The two things I hate the most; wind and flies. After lunch we drive on, heading towards Port Lincoln. We stop near Farm Beach, which is near where they filmed “Gallipoli”. I am looking forward to visiting there tomorrow. Our free camp-site tonight is unbelievable, on a reserve right beside the water at Mt.Dutton Bay. Just before we arrive we observed an emu drinking from a water trough in the same field as sheep and cows. We tried to get the camera for a photo, but by then a cow had taken offence at the emus and had chased them off! The scene impressed us all. Zach tries a bit of fishing but he doesn’t have any proper bait. We still end up with fish on the table though, with some of Maree’s awesome fish cakes (fish out of a tin that Zach handed her from the pantry. That doesn’t count Zach.)

Murphy’s Hay Stacks