23rd October – Monday

We woke to an absolutely beautiful day of sunshine, no cloud or wind and thought “typical”. Couldn’t muster a nice day on the coast to save ourselves, but the minute we head inland we get great weather again. It lasted all day too, getting up to 30 degrees C. We drove all day through generally pretty boring but not unattractive Mallee country that eventually opens up to more sparse flatlands. We covered Australia’s longest stretch of straight road which is something like 145 or so klms long. That is bookmarked by other similarly long straight stretches of unremarkable roads to make it a reasonably boring day, AND we technically haven’t even started the Nullarbor Plain yet. At one stage we were driving through a massive thick smoke cloud bank from some bushfires that must have been a long way away as we couldn’t see the fires at all, just the smoke. Actually, we saw 2 Wedgetailed Eagles today, prompting us to attach the zoom lens in anticipation for the next one,…which never eventuated. We also saw a number of shingleback lizards which we were able to avoid running over. We stop maybe 50kms short of the border for the night. Maree cooks up the last of our vegetables which need to be gone before we cross the border into South Australia tomorrow. Zach gets a nice little fire going whilst Jessie works on her journal. It’s a nice camp-site as we watch the sunset around the camp-fire with a cold beer in my hand. A good end to the day.

Driving through the smoke screen