21st October – Saturday

Time to move on, but Tom takes the kids down to the dam one more time to pull the yabby pots and recover the lost pot from yesterday. I stay to pack the van up and Jessie goes with Zach, but I ask her to let Zach pull the pots as he has had no luck and she has had all of the the success. When they get back they have managed to pull in all 3 pots and bagged about 30 yabbies which Tom cooks up for us straight away. We buy some organic sausages and steak from him (based on our yummy sausages from last night), and settle up. Before we go we fill our water from his rain water tanks. It’s great to have some nice tasting water for a change. We head off, firstly into Esperance to get a few grocery items we forgot yesterday and to fuel up. We then head for Duke Of Orleans Bay which Tom recommended to us. Today is the best weather we’ve had since arriving here, so we hope it holds. We arrive at the nice caravan park where the wind has come up, as it is prone to do in the afternoons here in WA. We set up in as good a spot as we can out of the wind and then go for a walk on the beach. It is quite nice and we can imagine how much nicer it will be in the morning if the sun keeps shining and the wind dies down. It is quite windy tonight. I haven’t put the awning out as it is too windy and bangs around alot making annoying noises. We all enjoy the awesome showers they have here, with big shower heads that are rigged up right over the top of you rather than coming out from the wall. The only downside is that water here is precious, so we have to keep it short.

Duke Of Orleans Bay WA

Zach,…being,…um, er,… well, Zach!